Wednesday, September 11, 2013

H Family {Roseville Family Photographer}

This family has become some of our very dearest friends.  They are some rare people that we just have clicked with and our kids play so well together.  I have so much respect for them and I have been so bummed knowing that they are moving in the next few weeks.  

I told them we should do a fun family shoot before they leave, and they hopped on that idea!  They are such outdoorsy people...every weekend going up in the mountains or to the beach, so it was totally their style to have a casual session that really represented who they are at one of their favorite (and very hidden) spots.  I'm so happy I got to tag along with them and capture this afternoon.

It was quite a hike to get to the spot...and very steep, but oh, so worth it!

Talk about breathtaking!

These two were so funny with each other and I love the next few pictures.

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  1. Amy,

    You are talented. I am just thrilled with these pictures! You captured us (and our secret place) so perfectly.

    And you and your family are rare gems. You are going to be terribly missed. I hope we meet again.