Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

My kiddos are so excited to celebrate today...and so am I!  We have a Peter Pan and a robot for Halloween.  It's been so fun to make the Peter Pan costume, and SO easy.  She even cooperated for our photo shoot, which is a miracle!  She is the cutest Peter Pan, hands down. 


She requested that I take a picture of her standing on one foot.

P wasn't as thrilled about wearing his costume, but he does make one cute robot.  He was okay with it until the hood went on, and then he really was not happy.  We called it quits after he fell and came to me asking to wipe all the dirt off his hands (you can see that in the bottom picture).

Have a wonderful Halloween!


  1. CUUUUTE! love the costumes. esp peter pan!! great job Amy! She looks soooo adorable. Happy Halloween!

  2. I can't imagine that anyone would argue that she IS the cutest Peter Pan! And P is a pretty darned adorable robot, too. XO

  3. That is the cutest Peter Pan I've ever seen!