Thursday, September 8, 2011

T Family {Sacramento Family Photographer}

I had lots of fun with this family, and I have to admit, sometimes it is nice to take pictures of adults that I don't have to make a fool out of myself to get their attention (like with little kids.... :-) That being said, I do LOVE taking pics of little kids...remember how I have two myself?). At first we were only going to take a picture of the boys together, but then I convinced them that we might as well take family pictures since everyone was together! Glad we did!

Oh, and we threw in a few of the girlfriend too... just for fun.

Thanks, T family!


  1. They look sooooo good!!!
    I wonder who dressed them ;)
    Thanks so much Amy!!!

  2. by the way if you don't mind i'm gonna use one of the pictures of FB :)